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29th of February, 2016

On February 29 the first event was organised by Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) – a virtual seminar "Do cross-sector partnerships deliver? Social innovation and value creation perspective". Presenter - PhD student Jurgita Mikolaitytė, Supervisor - prof. dr. Diana Šaparnienė. RENET members were the main participants of discussion: Prof. Dr. Carol E. Ebdon (Nebraska University at Omaha, the USA), Prof. Dr. Agota Giedrė Raišienė (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uroš Pinterič (Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo Mesto, Slovenia). The first seminar of RENET network was moderated by Dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

18th of March, 2016

On the 18th of March the methodological seminar for second year Master students of the joint study program "Regional Development and Governance" was held. In this event members of Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) have participated: 

- prof. Diana Šaparnienė, PhD, lect. Vita Juknevičienė, PhD, lect. Janina Šeputienė, PhD, PhD student Jurgita Mikolaitytė - members of the RENET coordination committee;

- prof. Teodoras Tamošiūnas, PhD (Šiauliai University), assoc. prof. Jan Stejskal, PhD (University of Pardubice) - members of RENET.

Students presentated the progress of their Master Thesis. The audience shared questions and recommendations, that could be useful  for the development of students' master thesis. 

Lect. Vita Juknevičienė presented the RENET conception and activities for future young researchers.

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

8th of April, 2016

On the 8th of April members of RENET from Šiauliai University participated in the seminar "Using the Adobe Connect". Lecturer - Asta Margienė.

18th of April, 2016

On the 18th of April the Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) organized a virtual discussion "The Great Recession of 2007-08: Causes, Consequences and Lessons". RENET members were the main participants of discussion: presenter - prof. dr. Mark Cassell (Kent State University, USA), keyspeakers - prof. dr. prof. dr. Kenneth A. Kriz (Wichita State University, USA) and researcher dr. Adam Jarosz, PhD (Zielona Gora University, Poland). The RENET discussion was moderated by prof. dr. Diana Cibulskienė, dr. Janina Šeputienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) and dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

21st of April, 2016

On the 21st of April the Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) organized a virtual seminar "Single subject research: Multiple baseline design for research in education". The lecturer was assoc. prof. Philip D. Nordness (University of Nebraska Omaha, USA). 

This seminar taught participants the basics of the multiple baseline research design for single subject research. This quasi-experimental approach to research is particularly useful when conducting research with small sample sizes. In a multiple baseline approach effects are demonstrated by introducing the intervention during different baselines. Results are primarily analyzed through visual inspection of the data which is presented in graphs, but statistical procedures can also be used.

The RENET seminar was moderated by assoc prof. dr. Darius Gerulaitis (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) and dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

27th of April, 2016

On the 27th of April the round-table discussion "RENET - Researchers' Excellence Network" was held in Šiauliai University as a part of the XI International Week, where 20 participants from foreign higher education institutions of 14 countries (Brazil, Taiwan, Poland, Latvia, Portugal, Japan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Belarus and Kazakhstan) attended. Professor dr. Diana Šaparnienė as the iniciator and the idea creator of the Network presented tasks, main activities of the Network and possibilites to join. She emphasized, that This Network is a wonderful possibility to strengthen internationalization, cooperation and development of academic discourse, which are very relevant especially for young researchers, PhD students. Benefits from being a member of it, virtual network possibilities and scientific cooperation experiences from the first methodological virtual seminar were introduced by its participants – PhD student Jurgita Mykolaitytė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) and assoc. prof. Uroš Pinterič (Faculty of Organizational Studies in Novo mesto, Slovenia). Jurgita Mikolaitytė, as the presenter for the first RENET seminar, noted this experience as a challenge, but the possibility to discuss with countrys and and foreign scientists, working in the field. Uroš Pinterič was happy about the idea and promissed to participate actively in future events of RENET. The director of the Institute of Science prof. dr. Ingrida Šiaulienė presented Research and Art Priority Areas and Themes of Šiauliai University. The Head of the Center of Social Partnership and Innovations dr. Eglė Gerulaitienė presented possibilities for practitioners to join the Network as well as the STEAM project. It was talked on the possibility to arrange the discussion about the  STEAM with colleagues (from Taiwan), having the experience in this project.

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

3rd of May, 2016

On the 3rd of May Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) organised a virtual lecture-discussion "Remembrance Narratives and Transitional Identity Politics: Comparative Analysis". Presenter – young researcher dr. Patryk Wawrzynski (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland). Researcher presented research findings on the way how government's remembrance policy is used to influence political identities of a society during democratization, based on comparative analysis of six case studies (Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Spain, Chile and South Afrika), that is based on a collective work of international scientists' team. Presentation was interesting for participants in Šiauliai University as well as international participants by distance (from Slovenia, Latvia, Other Lithuanian institutions). The event was moderated by assoc. prof. Simonas Strelcovas (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) and dr. Vita Juknevičienė (RENET).

13th-14th of October, 2016

5th international scientific-practical conference Good Governance at Local Self-Government: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Collaborative Governance

On the 13th of October Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) together with Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania and Public Administration Department of Šiauliai University (Lithuania) organised a virtual pre-conference - discussion "The Model of Good Governance: what we can change?". Presenters: Vaidotas Petronis (Head of the project „Cooperation between institutions of the Republic of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Norway to transfer its knowledge and best practices in administrative-financial management level improvement as well as financial crimes prevention  in Lithuanian state and municipal institutions“; Rita Šikšnienė (Head of Corruption prevention division of Šiauliai Department, Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania); Rita Toleikienė (lecturer, PhD student of the Department of Public Administration, Šiauliai University). Different representatives from different institutions took part in: representatives (members of Councils, Ethics commissions, Administrations) from Šiauliai city, Šiauliai district, Panevėžys district, Joniškis district municipalities, representatives from Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania Šiauliai department, Šiauliai Territorial Labour Exchange, leaders of Šiauliai Chanmer of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, active citizens, members of Šiauliai University academic society (administration, researchers, students). The event was moderated by lect. PhD student Vilma Tubutienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) and lect. dr. Vita Juknevičienė (RENET).

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

On the 14th of October during the conference time Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) together with Public Administration Department of Šiauliai University (Lithuania) organised a Working group "Global Challenges in Developing Collaborative Governance". Presentations:

Mark Cassell, Kent State University, USA: America’s Presidential Election: Should the World be Worried?
Uroš Pinterič, Faculty of Organisation studies in Novo mesto, Slovenia: Challenges of Collaborative Governance in Slovenian Practice: Management of the National Heritage between Macro Interests, Legal Limitations and Responsibility
Adam Jarosz, University of Zielona Gora, Poland: Role of Social Advisory-Consultative Bodies in Urban Politics
Iveta Reinholde, University of Latvia, Latvia: Towards New Public Governance in Latvia: from Competition to Collaboration 
Jurgita Mikolaitytė, Šiauliai University, Lithuania: Value Creation in Cross-Sector Collaboration: Different Levels and Sources 
Valdis Balcers, University of Latvia, Latvia: The Elements and Feasibility of Collaborative Governance in the Advanced High-Tech Industries: the Case of Ventspils High Technology Park
Vita Juknevičienė, Jurgita Mikolaitytė, Eglė Jonikaitė, Šiauliai University, Lithuania: New Public Governance towards Smart Governance: The Analysis of a New Approach
Diana Šaparnienė, Šiauliai University, Lithuania: The Local Self-Government Autonomy in Europe: Dimensions and Index
The Working group was moderated by RENET members: lecturer researcher dr. Adam Jarosz (University of Zielona Gora, Poland) and lect. dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania).

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

14th of October, 2016

During the 5th International Scientific-Practical Conference "GOOD GOVERNANCE AT LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE GOVERNANCE" (14th of October, 2016) the CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION and a special prize of RENET were presented for the member of Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) assoc. prof. Uroš Pinterič (Faculty of Organizational Studies in Novo mesto, Slovenia) for the contribution to researches and activities, developing the idea of Good Governance. Congratulations.

17th of November, 2016

On November 17 Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) organized the virtual seminar "Reformation Road to Lithuania - Lithuanian Writings of Reformers of XVI c. Grand Ducy of Lithuania". Presenter - PhD student Kęstutis Dambrauskas, Supervisor - prof. dr. Bronius Maskuliūnas. There were two main participants of the discussion: Prof. Dr. Dalia Pakalniškienė (Klaipėda University, Lithuania) and Dr. Jūratė Pajedienė (The Institute of the Lithuanian Language, Lithuania). The seminar of RENET network was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Regina Kvašytė and Lect. Dr. Vita Juknevičienė (members of RENET Coordination Committee, Šiauliai University).


23th of November, 2016

On the 23th of November the presentation "RENET - Network for Researchers' Development" was held in Mendel University in Brno as a part of visit to this university, made by the Chairperson of Coordination Committee lect. Vita Juknevičienė PhD. She presented main activities, tasks, benefits and possibilites to join to the Network. It was agreed that Network is a wonderful possibility to strengthen internationalization, cooperation and development of young researchers, PhD students. 

7th of December, 2016

On December 7 Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) invited to participate in scientific festival in Šiauliai University "Scientific Discoveries for the Future Innovators. Science Theatre Day".  The event was organized by Šiauliai University Research Institute Cross-Sectoral Partnership Centre.  Presenters from Šiauliai University (Lithuania), AHHAA scientific centre (Estonia) and University of Iceland (Iceland) participated, showed their experiments.

Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis

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