Photo gallery / Nuotraukų galerija 2018

13th of March, 2018

The first event in 2018 was organised by Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) – a virtual lecture "Leadership in local governments: paradoxes and dilemmas"Presenter - professor Irma Rybnikova, PhD (Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany). Professor has presented theoretical background of dilemmas iof leadership in public administration, shared her empirical research results and discussed with participants about paradoxes and dilemmas rasing for leaders in municipalities in Lithuanian and East Germany. The lecture was moderated by dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

22nd of March, 2018

On the 22nd of March Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) invited to take the part (personally or virtually) in the plenary session of the 7th international interdisciplinary scientific conference "The Region: History, Culture, Language", organized by Šiauliai University Research Institute Humanities Research Centre. It was moderated by assoc. prof. Simonas Strelcovas (Šiauliai University, Lithuania).

Four presentation were made by scholars from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine:

Assoc. prof., dr. Andrii Rukkas, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. The History of Creation and Activities of Ukrainian-Lithuanian Student Society in Prague (1929-1939).

Researcher Kristīne Beķere, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Baltic Center for Strategic studies, Latvia. Committee for a Free Latvia (1951-1960): Establishment, Main Activities and Cooperation with Lithuanian and Estonian Committees.

Research fellow, dr. Vilius Ivanauskas, Lithuanian Institute of History, Lithuania. Regional Nomenclatura and Bureaucratic Practices in the Late Soviet Lithuania (Case of Alytus)

Senior researcher, dr. Ilga Šuplinska, Rēzekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia. Latgalian Literature in 2017.

24th of April, 2018

Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) invited to the virtual lecture "Strengthening the link between science, economy and society to encourage innovation"Presenters - assoc. prof. dr. Jelena Borock and dr. Vladimir Djaković (Faculty of Technical Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, University of Novi Sad, Serbia). Professors have presented the practice of science and business cooperation in their University as well as main issues what is needed to strengthen the entrepreneurship and challenges for innovations. The lecture was moderated by lect. Rita Toleikienė (Šiauliai University) and dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

                                                                                                            (Photos by Tomas Andrijauskas)

24th of April, 2018

Researchers' Excellence Network (RENET) invited to the second virtual lecture "European Union in the hands of the European nations"Presenter - Jean Monnet Chair, prof. dr.Uroš Pinterič (Faculty of Organizational Studies in Novo mesto, Slovenia). Professor has presented the main historic background for the future of European Union, discussed it's challenges and shared his insights in the future development issues. The lecture was moderated by lect. Violeta Kiurienė (Šiauliai University) and dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

25th of April, 2018

Participants of the XIIIth International Week in Šiauliai were invited to the discussion "Researchers' Excellence Network - RENET", which was moderated by dr. Vita Juknevičienė - Chairperson of the Coordination Committee of RENET. Here participated representatives from universities and other High education institutions from different countries: USA, United Kingdom, India, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Denmark. There was a discussion about activities of RENET, membership, benefits and possible future development.

    (Photos by Tomas Andrijauskas)

10th and 14th of June, 2018

Researchers' Excellence Network was presented in the International Business School in Bulgaria (Sofia). Members of Coordination Committee of RENET - assoc. prof. dr. Vita Juknevičienė and research fellow dr. Ieva Bilbokaitė-Skiauterienė has participated in the 1st International Teaching and Training Week in IBS and gave public presentations fo RENET to academic community of IBS and all participants of the week (from Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Croatia, Macedonia). There was a discussion about activities of RENET, membership, benefits and possible future development. New intersted members were invited to join the community of RENET.

Presentation of Šiauliai University and Researchers' Excellence Network

Photos of Vita Jukneviciene, Ieva Bilbokaite-Skiauteriene and organizers of IBS

11th of October, 2018

Public lecture "Newly developed Algorithm RCP+ from Congestion Control on large scale Wireless Networks".  Presenter - prof. dr. Atul M. Gonsai (Department of Computer Science, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India), member of RENET.

                                                                                                        (Photo by Tomas Andrijauskas)

25th of October, 2018

Virtual interactive seminar "Basics of national and EU law on the (sexual) harassment and the discrimination based on the gender" (in Lithuanian).  The chairperson of the seminar - prof. dr. Virginija Šidlauskienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania). Presenters - Senior Advicer of Legal Division Laima Vengalė-Dits (Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Lithuania), Head of the Communication Division Mintautė Jurkutė (Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Lithuania), Aistė Žilevičiūtė (President of Šiauliai University Students' Representatives), Arnas Paškevičius (Coordinator of Marketing of Šiauliai University Students' Representatives). Moderator - dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee).

                                                  Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis and Tomas Andrijauskas                                                    

28th of November, 2018

Methodological seminar/discussion "Citizen Participation in Budgeting: Theory Building and Research Methodology Issues".  The presenter - prof. Carol Ebdon, PhD (University of Nebraska at Omaha, U.S.A.). Professor presented a framework for understanding and studying budget participation, and used it to compare participatory budgeting and budget simulations. She then facilitated a discussion with participants in this session about the challenges of and potential solutions for designing research on this topic. Moderators - lect. Vilma Tubutienė (Šiauliai University, Public Administration Academical Centre, Lithuania), dr. Vita Juknevičienė (Chairperson of RENET Coordination Committee, Lithuania).


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